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Carroll Forms Team To Take On Jones Act

Honolulu, October 4, 2011–John Carroll met with his research team that will be helping him prepare a white paper on the impact of the archaic Jones Act on Hawaii’s economy.  This little discussed law, left over from the 1930’s, put restrictions on interstate shipping, and essentially denies foreign-flagged vessels free-trade access to American ports.  Hawaii has suffered disproportionately as a result, with shipping costs kept artificially high and export options drastically reduced.  The effect of the Jones Act has been to drive up Hawaii’s cost of living by limiting (to almost a monopoly) all import shipping.  What we not-so-affectionately refer to as the “Matson Tax,” unfairly adds approximately 30% to the cost of all daily essentials.

For example, Hawaii now imports about 85% of  its food.  A gallon of fresh milk, if you can find it, costs around $8 a gallon, about $5 more than in Seattle.  This situation is made worse by the fact that Hawaii’s local food production is also negatively impacted by the Jones Act.  Foreign vessels who deliver product to Hawaii must return empty instead of carrying Hawaiian agricultural product back to their home ports.  This has virtually eliminated one of Hawaii’s best markets for agricultural products and made farming and ranchingin the Islands an unprofitable and risky undertaking.

The Jones Act literally hurts Hawaii coming and going.

Carroll’s group of HPU students and young professionals will be analyzing the economic impact of the Jones Act on Hawaii, and establish the actual costs to individuals living in Hawaii.  They will also be comparing more open trade ports like Singapore and Hong Kong, and projecting the economic impact on Hawaii by adopting a more open trade policy,

Because Hawaii is unique in its geographic isolation from the other U.S. States, it suffers disproportionate economic damage because of the Jones Act.  John Carroll will be seeking a strategy to gain an exemption for Hawaii that could lead to a major improvement in our local economy and reduction in our cost of living.

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  1. Hi John Carroll,

    Agreed, the Jones Act needs to be gone, like Lingle. Lingle vetted Obama and tried to push through the Supper Ferry over our (the people’s) NO vote. I vote against her. Inouye and Akaka have really bad voting records on issues as does HIrono, Lingle would be just as bad. Abercrumbie is a one term since he lied and never said there was no birth certificate, he said only that he couldn’t find one and dropped the subject. His “I will get to the bottom of this” was hollow. His polls are way down as you know.

    Now I would like to hear some of your views on national issues that you as Senator will be voting on, like abortion or Sharia law or illegal immigration or Social Security (which should be put back into it’s own untouchable trust fund and removed from the general fund were President Johnson put it) or the UN’s Agenda 21 (We must keep our sovereignty).
    We can not blindly vote for another Senator. We can’t depend on our news papers for all the news anymore since the internet is now the prime source.

    Ron Paul will audit the Fed, the cause of our debt/interest money problems, our own National or State Government should be printing our money at no interest. He will bring the troops home and guard our own borders, we must stop fighting these unconstitutional wars. His plan will balance the budget and stop this uncontrolled spending and our giving away money (foreign aid to our enemies) that we don’t have. For 25 years in Congress he has been following the Constitution even when he had to vote standing alone.

    We need a man who understands this in our Senate, do you think you would be the one? I truly hope so. Some that we sent to Washington in 2010 were convinced to change once they were elected. The Democrats have had this State long enough. The Tea Party plans on replacing the RINOs and we will follow the Constitution.


    Don Jusko
    Makawao, Maui

    December 1, 2011
    • Don,

      I would like to meet with you and other Tea Party members on Maui, and answer any questions you may have. i agree with your literal adherence to the U.S. Constitution, and think you will find we are in agreement on most, if not all, issues important to you.

      Call my campaign manager, Keith Rollman at 808-358-3414, so that we can schedule a visit.


      John Carroll

      December 12, 2011

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