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Republican Primary Offers Big Differences Between Candidates

There are obviously substantial differences between John Carroll, a conservative Republican, and his opponent, Linda Lingle, a moderate.  In fact there is such a striking difference that Lingle could well be running as a Democrat in this race.  Lingle’s style of bi-partisan “cooperation,” for the sake of finding “compromise,” sounds a lot like capitulation. If you approach any negotiation with the idea that you will start halfway on the side of your ideological opponent, your final “compromise” will look more like total defeat.

This strategy might have sounded logical when applied to Hawaii State politics where the legislature is overwhelmingly Democratic.  But, when applied to national politics where sharp lines are drawn on important issues like taxation, constitutional rights, government spending, energy policy, the economy and national defense, the voters deserve to know ahead of time if your going to defend their point of view.

Sometimes finding a middle ground is a good thing, but you should also be ready to fight for principles that shouldn’t be compromised.

Another thing Hawaii voters should be concerned with is the enormous amount to campaign funding that Lingle is collecting from mainland special interest groups.  What chance will the people of Hawaii have to be represented in Washington if their Senator is already indebted to groups who might not have Hawaii’s interests at heart?

There are many reason to examine the two candidates for the U.S. Senate in the Republican primary, and decide for yourself which one best represents your principles and positions on the key issues.

Ask Linda Lingle why she is refusing to debate John Carroll.  What does she have to hide?

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