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John Carroll Endorses Ron Paul for President

Presidential candidate Ron Paul is backed by Senatorial candidate John Carroll.

Honolulu, February 29, 2012 – U.S. Senate candidate John Carroll announced that he will be supporting Presidential candidate Ron Paul.

“We are pretty much in agreement on most important issues,” said Carroll. “The bottom line is that we both believe in the integrity of the U.S. Constitution.”

A recent article in the New York Times inferred that the American constitution was “outdated” and no longer relevant. The Obama administration has launched several assaults on constitution in the last year. This included the New Year’s Eve signing of the defense allocation bill (NDAA) that allowed for suspension of several constitutionally protected rights.

Carroll is highly critical of policies that infringe on the Bill of Rights, and opposes the expansion of government authority in general.

“Many of the ideals that I share with Ron Paul can be described as Libertarian in nature,” said Carroll. “We are aligned on issues like free trade, tax reforms, downsizing of government, the sanctity of individual liberty, and establishment of more responsible foreign policy.”

Carroll elaborated, “I agree with Paul that the deployment of American troops overseas as United Nations world police must stop. Americans should be put into combat only to protect the United States, not to intervene in other country’s internal struggles.”

Carroll feels it is important for Hawaii’s candidates to make their presidential choices known to voters.

“It says a lot about your own convictions, to go ahead and make your alignment known to the voters,” added Carroll. “I don’t understand candidates who are so opportunistic and wishy washy that they will not commit to anything publicly.”

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  1. bob #

    Good choice John! Hopefully both of you get elected so we can fix some of this shit the country is in.

    February 29, 2012
  2. Katy #

    Great! Good to see some people actually care for this country! Thanks John!

    March 1, 2012
  3. Patrick silva #

    Mr.Carroll, you said that American troops should be put into combat only to protect the United States, not to intervene in other countries’ internal struggles; yet that is precisely what happened here in Honolulu in 1893 when US Minister Plenipotentiary John Stevens conspired with Lorrin Thurston, W.O. Smith, and the Annexation Committee and landed US troops to protect them from arrest as they prepared to self-proclaim themselves as the new government. The American prescence in Hawaii, and its claim that Hawaii is it’s 50th federated state derive from this unlawful intervention by the US in 1893. So to pursue your logic relentlessly, Hawaii cannot belong to the US, since the genesis of the US claim to Hawaii is unlawful intervention in an internal Hawaiian political/criminal affair. Surely, you cannot disagree!

    July 29, 2012

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