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John Carroll Endorses Ron Paul

Political Radar – by ddpledge – February 29, 20012

John Carroll, an attorney and former state lawmaker running for U.S. Senate, has endorsed U.S. Rep. Ron Paul in the Republican presidential campaign.

Carroll, who is running against former Gov. Linda Lingle in the GOP primary for Senate, said he is in agreement with the libertarian-leaning Paul on the most important issues. He cited free trade, tax reform, government downsizing, individual liberty, a more responsible foreign policy, and preserving the integrity of the U.S. Constitution.

Carroll said in a statement that other candidates should make their presidential preference known. Lingle has not said which Republican candidate she endorses in Hawaii’s Republican caucuses on March 13.

From Carroll:

It says a lot about your own convictions, to go ahead and make your alignment known to the voters. I don’t understand candidates who are so opportunistic and wishy washy that they will not commit to anything publicly.

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  1. Titus Bontea #

    This is not surprising. As a veteran John Carroll is in good company. He understands the that the oath of allegiance is for defense and protection of the constitution, NOT special interests.
    Look where Linda Lingle gets her money from and you would know where her allegiance lies.

    March 6, 2012

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