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Anniversary of ObamaCare Met With Protests

John Carroll says the U.S. Constitution trumps Obamacare's intrusions on our individual rights.

John Carroll, the only Senatorial candidate to say he would vote against Obama’s national health care mandate, attended last Saturday’s rally downtown. Honolulu’s event was one of 140 demonstrations across the country to protest Obamacare, the national health care act signed into law two years ago.

ObamaCare became even more controversial with its intrusion into the separation of church and state, by requiring religious institutions to provide contraception and potentially abortion coverage, even though it is against their religious convictions. Many who attended the Honolulu rally carried signs indicating that protection of religious freedom was their primary issue.

Now, facing its “day in court,” ObamaCare is before the U.S. Supreme Court to weigh the constitutionality of forcing individuals to buy health insurance or be penalized (taxed) by the Federal government.  Carroll believes the whole scheme is unconstitutional and will fail this crucial test of its legality.  Carroll’s opponent, Linda Lingle, refused to answer reporters questions as to whether she supports the President’s health care plan, or how she would vote on this critical issue if elected.

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