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Consistent On The Issues

Lower Hawaii’s Artificially High Cost of Living

Hawaii suffers disproportionately from archaic laws like the Jones Act that increase the cost of all imports to our Island, which forces up the cost of everyday necessities. These constraints on free trade and shipping also makes the export of goods, especially agricultural products prohibitively expensive. Changing Federal law will bring our cost of living back in line. The “Matson Tax” or “Cost of Living in Paradise” are no longer things we should simply tolerate and ignore, it can be set right.  MORE

Time For Ideological Balance on the National Agenda

Those who do not consider themselves Liberal in Hawaii have not had a voice in the U.S. Senate since Hiram Fong. Hawaii, in reality, represents a broad spectrum of political beliefs, but has been dominated by the Liberal, “Big Government” branch of one party for decades. We need to restore a voice and some representation to the rest of Hawaii’s citizens, especially on critical national issues we are facing now. Our current representation does not represent ALL of Hawaii. MORE   &  Why It’s Not OK to be a RINO

It’s Still The Economy

The greatest threat to Hawaii is our continued sluggish economy and that of our country in general. Without a vigorous economy on the mainland our tourism industries will continue to suffer, and investment in new enterprises will be curtailed. I believe that government cannot create jobs and that overtaxing our small businesses is counterproductive. We need a vital and growing economy created by free enterprise and renewed investment in America’s (and Hawaii’s) entrepreneurial spirit; not more dependency on government handouts and bureaucratic over-regulation. MORE

Fiscal Accountability

Governent must be held accountable to balance the budget by eliminating waste and reducing spending before raising taxes. Before enacting any law or regulation the ecomomic impact should be calculated fairly and disclosed publicly. Federal, State and Local governments should not burden future generations with excessive debt. MORE

Simplification and Fairness in Taxation

Taxes should be fair and the processess for calculation and enforcement reasonable and transparent. The current Federal tax code is out of control, with contradictory and uninterpretable laws that victimize the average taxpayer. We need to revamp tax policy in America and look at new and fairer ways to assess and collect tax money. MORE

Adhearance to the Integrity of Constitutional Law

Personal freedoms are constitutionally protected rights of every American and should never be compromised by judicial interpretation, or frivolous legislative tampering. Government that governs least, based on the Constitution, governs best. Federal authority over State’s Rights should be resisted, and local government’s authority over its individual citizens should be simplified and unobtrusive. MORE

Re-establish Sustainable Agriculture and Aquaculture

Hawaii was once able to produce all the food needed locally; we are now almost totally dependent on importing food. And, importing it at an artificially high premium due to monopolistic shipping rules. Hawaii must restore incentives for the local production of food for local consumption, and support farmers and ranchers as entrepreneurial businesses. We must also renew our vigilance from invasive species that can destroy agricultural crops as well as indigenous endangered species. The same is true for the development and proliferation of aquaculture industries from offshore fish farms to algae production for biofuels.  MORE

Fight the “Dumbing Down” of America (and Hawaii)

Both the U.S. and Hawaii have been asked to accept lower and lower standards for our public eduction system. Our country now trails many other nations in the level of our public school graduates’ abilities in math, engineering and sciences for college preparedness. Hawaii has earned a place near the bottom of our nation for ‘cost to results’ for public education. We cannot continue to fail our children in this most important of investments in their future, and future of our state and country.

Defend our Island Values and Environment

Hawaii is unique both culturally and in it’s ethnic diversity. We need to protect those things that make us special, including our remarkable environment. Hawaii’s beauty is one of its vital economic resources and must be kept free from pollution, invasive species and abuse. Our beaches and water quality are critically important, not only for our visitors, but for our own quality of life.  MORE

Kanaka Maoli Justice

In the interest of justice, fairness and respect, Hawaiians qualified by law must be granted their homesteads in fee. Hawaii is the only state in which homesteaders are not allowed to own the fee. The current policy which limits land to a 99-year lease must change. I favor fee simple ownership. MORE

John Carroll on Agriculture from Matthew Bowler on Vimeo.

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  1. I, Ken Conklin, am very pleased to endorse John Carroll for U.S. Senate. Here are three reasons:

    1. John has consistently opposed the Akaka bill throughout the eleven years it has been under consideration in Congress. The Republican Party membership also opposes the Akaka bill, as shown in its resolution passed at the state party convention on May 14, 2011 However, some well-known so-called “Republican” candidates line up with the Democrats and aggressively push the Akaka bill. It’s time for the people of Hawaii to push back! This is the most dangerous piece of federal legislation ever to affect the State of Hawaii. Mahalo nui loa to John Carroll for his strong opposition to it.

    2. John favors converting leases on the Hawaiian Homelands to fee-simple ownership. He understands that individual fee-simple ownership, including the right to sell or bequeath one’s home without regard to race, is one of the most fundamental rights we have as U.S. citizens; and it provides a way for the homeowner to build wealth and escape dependence on government handouts.

    3. John favors repeal of the Jones Act — an act which protects ship-building companies and labor unions at the expense of higher prices on everything that comes to Hawaii on a ship.

    September 21, 2011
  2. Mahalo for your endorsement, Ken.

    September 21, 2011
  3. stephen choy #

    John, I was very disappointed when Linda declared herself pro-choice. Where do you stand: pro-Life or pro-choice?

    May 16, 2012
  4. I am deeply commited to the pro-life position and will seek to give unborn children the “choice” for life. I believe the constitutional protection of “life liberty and pursuit of happiness” extends to all human life.

    May 21, 2012
  5. Laurie R #

    Where do you stand on Obamacare? Will you work to repeal it? Where do you stand on keeping marriage between one man and one woman?

    August 6, 2012
  6. Would you have voted for the NDAA of 2011?
    Would you have voted to extend the Patriot Act?
    Would you vote for war with Iran?
    Will you keep the executive branch responsible for operating within the war powers act?
    Would you have voted for SOPA or CISPA?
    Would you have supported ratifying the UN gun ban treaty?
    Would you vote to re-instate the Glass-Steagal act?
    Would you have voted to audit the Federal Reserve?
    Will you enforce the Logan act on US officials meeting with other nations in secret?
    Will you send our troops to fight under UN resolutions?
    Will you vote to keep TSA workers accountable for human rights/ethics violations?
    Will you vote for (2) term limit for congressman and senators?
    Will you vote for a law that holds politicians accountable for campaign promises when they break them while in office?
    What will you do about a possible QE3 from the Fed and inflation in general?

    Thank you and God bless

    August 7, 2012

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