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Why Lingle Can’t Afford an Honest Debate.

There’s been a lot of media coverage lately about the lack of public debates between Mazie Hirono and Ed Case. Case has complained bitterly about being granted a single televised debate and a handful of joint forums with Hirono.

He should be grateful.

To date, Linda Lingle has ducked every single proposed debate or joint forum with me, televised or not. She has so taken for granted her anticipated victory in the Republican primary that she is already running as a “moderate” bipartisan in the general. She is so sure that she will win that she doesn’t even try to pretend to be a Republican, which her advisors have convinced her is a “negative” in heavily Democrat Hawaii.

We were recently notified by the Hawaii Hotel and Lodging Association that she even declined their Senate candidate forum on Hawaii’s most important economic driver, our visitor industry. The reason? Lingle’s campaign will “not be doing anything for the primary.”

Why then should Republicans vote for her? She disavows not only the principles and values of our party, but even the affiliation with our very name. A debate with me would put a spotlight on this hypocrisy for all to see. That is why she will never do it.

Lingle has once again succeeded in taking over the State Republican Party and turned it into her personal campaign organization. At this year’s Lincoln Day Dinner, she was ensconced as the keynote speaker. No other candidates for the U.S. Senate were allowed to speak. At this weekend’s Republican Party Convention, once again Lingle is the keynote speaker, and no other U.S. Senate candidates will be allowed to speak. We are lucky to be able to attend at all.

The Carroll campaign was invited to buy a table out in the lobby.

Do you think that Linda Lingle wants to debate the right to life issue, or her failure to honor her Taxpayer Protection Pledge, or the Super Ferry debacle, or her allowing the largest tax increase in recent Hawaii history to fund rail? No, she wants Republicans go along with her “bipartisan” cooperation with Democrats, whatever that means.

Lingle doesn’t want to talk about the Jones Act, or the fact that it raises every citizen’s cost of living by 25% or more, or that she takes money from Alexander and Baldwin to hold their shipping monopoly in place at your expense. In fact Lingle doesn’t want to answer any real questions at all.

Lingle clearly thinks that Republicans in Hawaii will line up like sheep and vote for her because she has a lot of mainland PAC money; not because she can supply a single honest answer to any valid question about the issues.

She prefers to hide behind a wall of mainland PAC television commercials and slide into the general election where she will present herself as anything BUT a Republican. Once again the local GOP will be used and discarded when its value to Lingle is exhausted.

Shouldn’t Hawaii’s Republicans back a candidate who will actually pledge to support their ideals and values? If Linda were to be elected to the U.S Senate what has really been accomplished for Hawaii’s conservatives? Nothing.

Hawaii’s Republicans should stand up for their right to hear from the candidates directly, not just from prepared speeches, sanitized press releases and expensive advertising. Don’t you feel you deserve to see where the candidates really stand on issues that are important to you? I think you do, and clearly Linda Lingle thinks you do not.

Republicans Gather for Lincoln Day Dinner

John Carroll joins other noteable Island Republicans on stage.

This year’s Lincoln Day Dinner was well attended with over 750 guests at the Hilton Coral Ballroom.  The attendees were treated to a video featuring prominent Hawaii Republicans over the years.  There were several interesting interviews and insights delivered by political veterans like Andrew Poepoe and Fred Rolfing. Hawaii’s two-term U.S. Congresswoman, Patricia Saiki, served as mistress of ceremonies for much of the evening.

The highlight of the evening was when all attendees under forty were asked to stand…they represented almost half of the audience. This is a terrific sign for the health and future of Hawaii’s Republicans.

Tea For Two

Senator Sam Slom and U.S. Senate candidate John Carroll

Both Senator Slom and John Carroll signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, that commits them to voting against any tax increases.

Carroll Blasts Lingle on Pro-Abortion Stance

HONOLULU—April 5, 2012–John Carroll addressed the Oahu League of Republican Women during their luncheon at Waialae Country Club. Departing from his usual jovial style, John Carroll held up a recently published article by Lingle that re-affirmed her pro-choice stand.

Carroll said, “I am also deeply committed to women s rights, but I do not believe that killing an unborn child should be one of the ‘choices’ available to them.”

John Carroll then related his personal story of raising a child born premature at just 27 weeks, and being told by doctors that simply “pulling the plug” was the best choice for everyone. Carroll, who had been an ardent pro-choice advocate up until then, converted to pro-life as he watched his daughter grow up to be a productive and intelligent young woman. This was a child that the conventional wisdom of the time suggested he discard.

Carroll told the attendees, “Pro-choice sounds so empowering and noble, but how would you feel about it if we called it what it is…pro-death?”

Lingle, at times in her recent articles, sounds like she is backing in their criticism of the presumed “Republican war on women.”

“It pains me deeply to see members of my own party attempting to legislate women’s health and contraception choices,” wrote Lingle.

According to Carroll this sounds like the standard rebuttal from the far left as they try to explain the justification for socialized medicine and ObamaCare. He criticized Lingle for apparently backing the Obama administration’s attempt to impose control over religious organizations.

The constitutional test of that issue is now before the Supreme Court. Lingle, when asked by reporters if she supported ObamaCare, refused to answer. Carroll is strongly opposed on the grounds that forcing individuals to buy health insurance and infringement on the separation of church and state are both unconstitutional.

Lingle’s attempt to be a “bi-partisan” or “moderate” candidate is chaffing at traditional Republicans who , while they see her as a strong candidate in the General election against, Hirono or Case; are starting to wonder if her election would really be a Republican victory at all.

Lingle’s shrill anti-conservative rhetoric such as, “women are being degraded to little more than a political pawn in their year’s election cycle,” is making her sound more like a liberal Democrat than a Republican. This together with commentary by liberals like Colleen Hanabusa are making Republicans uncomfortable with their “frontrunner.”

“Lingle has to distance (herself) from the crazy position of the R’s or she has no chance in Hawaii,” said Hanabusa, in a recent StarAdvertiser article.

“Is pro-life, and separation of church and state….crazy?” asked Carroll. “How do you feel about a candidate who thinks your principled defense of the U.S. Constitution is…crazy?”

Carroll then quoted Lingle again. “When election year rhetoric subsides and we take the time to thoroughly and respectfully debate all of these issue…”

“Linda, the people deserve to hear this ‘thorough and respectful’ debate now, before they vote…not somewhere down the road,” said Carroll, referring to Lingle’s refusal to attend any debates during the Republican primary.

Anniversary of ObamaCare Met With Protests

John Carroll says the U.S. Constitution trumps Obamacare's intrusions on our individual rights.

John Carroll, the only Senatorial candidate to say he would vote against Obama’s national health care mandate, attended last Saturday’s rally downtown. Honolulu’s event was one of 140 demonstrations across the country to protest Obamacare, the national health care act signed into law two years ago.

ObamaCare became even more controversial with its intrusion into the separation of church and state, by requiring religious institutions to provide contraception and potentially abortion coverage, even though it is against their religious convictions. Many who attended the Honolulu rally carried signs indicating that protection of religious freedom was their primary issue.

Now, facing its “day in court,” ObamaCare is before the U.S. Supreme Court to weigh the constitutionality of forcing individuals to buy health insurance or be penalized (taxed) by the Federal government.  Carroll believes the whole scheme is unconstitutional and will fail this crucial test of its legality.  Carroll’s opponent, Linda Lingle, refused to answer reporters questions as to whether she supports the President’s health care plan, or how she would vote on this critical issue if elected.

Carroll Would Vote to Repeal “ObamaCare”

While Lingle sidestepped the question of whether she would vote to repeal the federal health care law, many in her party have not, directly attacking the law as a prime example of government overreach under Obama.

John Carroll, an attorney and former state lawmaker running against Lingle in the Republican primary, would repeal the law and return all health care decisions back to the states. He said requiring people to buy health insurance is unconstitutional. He also thinks individuals and religious organizations should be able to practice their religion free of government interference, such as federal mandates for birth control coverage.

Carroll Backs Ron Paul at Today’s Republican Caucus

Ronnie Paul, Ron Paul's son, and John Carroll at the Ron Paul rally on Saturday.

Please take the time to make your voice heard in today’s Republican caucus.  From 6 to 8 PM at multiple locations throughout the state.  You can register to vote and sign a Republican Party card at the polling place prior to voting, so there is no excuse not to participate. John Carroll has officially endorsed Ron Paul’s campaign.  READ MORE

Tuesday’s Republican Caucus – It’s Important That YOU Participate!

On Tuesday, March 13th, between 6 and 8 PM, (at these locations) you will have an opportunity to cast your vote for your choice to be the Republican candidate for the U.S. Presidency. Please remember that you can register to vote and sign a Republican party card at the voter locations before you vote, so there is no excuse for you not to participate. Please consider voting for RON PAUL whom I have officially endorsed.  He is the one candidate who stands for the integrity of the U.S. Constitution and individual liberty; two principles that I heartily endorse.  Please read more about my support of RON PAUL.


You will also have an opportunity to help my campaign too!  We have distributed thousands of our campaign flyers to all voting locations.  When you attend please take a handful of our flyers to distribute to your friends and neighbors.  Any brochures remaining at the close of polling may be discarded, so, please take all that remain and share our important message with other voters. MAHALO!

Please help us distribute our campaign flyers at the Republican caucuses this Tuesday. Don't leave any behind!

John Carroll Endorses Ron Paul

Political Radar – by ddpledge – February 29, 20012

John Carroll, an attorney and former state lawmaker running for U.S. Senate, has endorsed U.S. Rep. Ron Paul in the Republican presidential campaign.

Carroll, who is running against former Gov. Linda Lingle in the GOP primary for Senate, said he is in agreement with the libertarian-leaning Paul on the most important issues. He cited free trade, tax reform, government downsizing, individual liberty, a more responsible foreign policy, and preserving the integrity of the U.S. Constitution.

Carroll said in a statement that other candidates should make their presidential preference known. Lingle has not said which Republican candidate she endorses in Hawaii’s Republican caucuses on March 13.

From Carroll:

It says a lot about your own convictions, to go ahead and make your alignment known to the voters. I don’t understand candidates who are so opportunistic and wishy washy that they will not commit to anything publicly.

Why Lingle Defends the Jones Act

Linda Lingle continues to defend the Jones Act.  This old maritime law protects the shipping monopoly enjoyed by the select few who can service Hawaii, like Matson and (until very recently) their parent company Alexander & Baldwin. These archaic restrictions raise the costs of all imported items such as food and raw materials and Hawaii’s cost of living by as much as 30% or more.  Look no further than the public campaign contribution reports to understand why Linda Lingle, during her eight years as Governor,  would steadfastly protect such an unfair monopoly preying on Hawaii’s people.


“When it comes to backing gubernatorial candidates, according to recent filings, Alexander & Baldwin Inc. executives are for Linda Lingle.”

                                                                                   Pacific Business News, August 12, 2001


This brings to mind the old saw: “You dance with them that brung ya.” It also should tend to remind the voters that large campaign war chests come at a price, and that price is paid by the residents of Hawaii when their elected officials bow to their corporate patrons and ignore the negative impact to their constituents.

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