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Carroll Helps Organize Small Business Claims For Losses Caused by APEC

Carroll defends rights of small business

At a press conference yesterday, John Carroll and his new client Ernie Inada presented their case for Hawaii’s small businesses negatively impacted by APEC. Inada’s Honolulu Club House bar and restaurant, directly across from the convention center was closed down by APEC security and barriers for over a week. His employees were laid off.

To professional politicians like Governor Abercrombie and Mayor Carlisle this is no big deal, and part of what is expected of our business community to support their headline grabing government confabs. Abercrombie, who has never operated a business, expressed his bemusement, that businesses can’t handle a 5-day interuption. Carlisle, said that, due to his penchant for “pinching pennies,” that local businesses that got burned by APEC would like not get any help from City Hall.

Senate Candidate,John Carroll, on the other hand will represent a growing group of local businesses that feel they deserve some compensation. Citing constitutional rights to “pursuit of happiness” and “illegal seizure by the government,” Carroll thinks that the little guys here have enforcable, contitutionally protected, rights.

Carroll will be meeting with all businesses that feel they were unfairly hurt by the APEC event in the next week or so.

Jonesing For Economic Recovery

With Hawaii hosting APEC, talk about the value of free trade among Pacific nations has hit our local media. There is, however, no mention of the restrictive trade laws, like the Jones Act, that severely limit international shipping.

Foreign-flagged vessels cannot freely engage in international commerce in Hawaii, and our ability to export and the exorbitant costs of our imports are controlled by a tightly held local company.

If Horizon fails, there will be only Matson and its parent company, Alexander & Baldwin, holding a nearly total monopoly. Pasha will still be operating on its limited basis.

The cost of living in Hawaii is much higher than anywhere else in the United States. Because of our isolation and unique dependency on shipping that is controlled by a monopoly, the cost of living will only get worse.

Hawaii’s political elite can talk all they want about free trade, but as long as they take campaign contributions from those that control it now, there won’t be any competition any time soon.

Carroll Releases White Paper on Economic Fixes for Hawaii

Honolulu, November 12, 2011 – In his just-released white paper report entitled HAWAII’S POTENTIAL FOR OPEN PORTS AND FREE TRADE IN HAWAII, Adopting Singapore’s Economic Model, John Carroll, a candidate for the U.S. Senate, lays out a bold plan for removing shipping restrictions that stifle free trade for Hawaii.

Hawaii has long suffered from restrictive and antiquated maritime laws that limit shipping and prevent foreign flagged vessels from competing. This lack of competitive shipping has curtailed the development of our agricultural industries as well as having driven up the cost of living for every Hawaii resident.

Carroll says the removal of specific laws, like the Jones Act and ensuring compliance with the Commerce Clause are critical if Hawaii is going to enjoy economic prosperity.

If what is offered here becomes reality, I will rest in peace knowing that a wonderful future will be available for all Hawaii’s children to come including my eight great grandchildren. I have worked for over forty years to get these onerous restrictions eliminated, “ said Carroll.

Carroll would also like to thanks those that helped him prepare this white paper report: Keith Rollman, Cormick Barnes, Ingrid Johnson, Sierra Payne and Moe Sy and their mentor Ken Schoolland for their contributions and support.


Attachment: (PDF) HAWAII’S POTENTIAL FOR OPEN PORTS AND FREE TRADE, Adopting Singapore’s Economic Mode

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