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Carroll Helps Organize Small Business Claims For Losses Caused by APEC

Carroll defends rights of small business

At a press conference yesterday, John Carroll and his new client Ernie Inada presented their case for Hawaii’s small businesses negatively impacted by APEC. Inada’s Honolulu Club House bar and restaurant, directly across from the convention center was closed down by APEC security and barriers for over a week. His employees were laid off.

To professional politicians like Governor Abercrombie and Mayor Carlisle this is no big deal, and part of what is expected of our business community to support their headline grabing government confabs. Abercrombie, who has never operated a business, expressed his bemusement, that businesses can’t handle a 5-day interuption. Carlisle, said that, due to his penchant for “pinching pennies,” that local businesses that got burned by APEC would like not get any help from City Hall.

Senate Candidate,John Carroll, on the other hand will represent a growing group of local businesses that feel they deserve some compensation. Citing constitutional rights to “pursuit of happiness” and “illegal seizure by the government,” Carroll thinks that the little guys here have enforcable, contitutionally protected, rights.

Carroll will be meeting with all businesses that feel they were unfairly hurt by the APEC event in the next week or so.

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