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Green Drinks Mixer

John Carroll at the Green Drinks event at Fresh Cafe.

John attended Green Drinks, a networking event for green and sustainability-minded businesses in Hawaii.  Representatives from various alternative energy companies and other associated with Honolulu’s fastest growing business sector had an opportunity to meet with John.

Carroll, an early environmentalist, and author of many of Hawaii’s early ocean protection laws, has been following the development of this “knowledge industry” in our state.  John is a vocal advocate for Hawaii becoming a center for research and development, marketing and manufacture of alternative energy technologies.

We have an abundance of energy resources, from geothermal, to solar, wind and ocean energy. Why not focus our young minds onfuture energy solutions that could grow into an entire new econmic component for us.  Major economic turn-arounds in other markets were usually created by a deliberate plan to go after the emerging technology market.  Carroll feels that Hawaii has an opportunity to compete for the exploding alternative energy, environmental monitoring, and biofuel markets.

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