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Carroll Calls On Supporters to Wage a Social Media Blitz.

We don’t have mainland PAC’s to run television ads about how great we are, but what we do have is people like you. We need your help now to get our message out.  I’ve prepared a simple flyer that can be sent via the internet by my supporters; downloaded and copied on your printers and posted in Facebook. I want you all to “like” it, to “resend” it, to “Twitter” it, to “Pin” it, and to send it to every single person on your email lists.   I need you to do all of those things for me in these final weeks of the campaign. Because Republicans need to know they still have a choice.

I’ve picked four of the best reasons why no real Republican should vote for Linda Lingle in the August 11th primary:

John Carroll is asking his friends to  send this message to everyone they know on the Internet.

1. Lingle renigged on the Taxpayer Protection Pledge she had signed by allowing the largest tax increase in the history of Hawaii; she allowed the rail excise tax surcharge.  I have signed the No New Tax pledge this year and Lingle has not.

2. Like many conservative Republicans, I am pro-life.  Lingle has always been pro-choice, and is soft on Obamacare.  While I view Obamacare to be an intrusion on the constitutional separation of Church and State, Mrs. Lingle see’s no such problem.

3. I think that the archaic Jones Act is the main reason that our economy in Hawaii suffers and our cost of living is 30% (at least) higher than it should be.  This old law protects Matson and A&B’s virtual monopoly on shipping to Hawaii, and drastically limits our ability to ship local products out and import the materials our businesses need to compete.  Lingle supports the Jones Act, and takes massive amounts of campaign contributions from A&B and Matson.  I have taken NO money from PAC’s, and will represent the peoples’ interests, not those of my big contributors.

4. And worst of all, Lingle has renounced the very principles of the Republican Party.  She can’t even bring herself to be called a Republican; choosing instead to label herself a “bipartisan.”  She has refused to debate her Republican rivals, and proceed to run against her assumed opponents in the General Election, where she sounds like a Democrat and supporter of President Obama.  She has so arrogantly assumed her victory in the Republican Primary that she has proceeded to throw our values and principles “under the bus.”  Stand up for what we Conservatives believe, and let Mrs. Lingle know that you are not sheep to be herded in line with her political ambitions.  Stand up for your beliefs, and stand with me!


Carroll Rips Lingle for Selling out Republicans on Jones Act

At a recent talk-story luncheon hosted by the Junior Chamber of Commerce of Honoulu (Young Professionals), John Carroll held aloft a copy of Linda Lingle’s speech to the Associated Builder’s and Contractors from July 10th. See the complete transcript in Hawaii Reporter –

“Mrs. Lingle is so confident that she will be rubber-stamped as the Republican candidate for the Senate, that she is already talking like a Democrat,” said her opponent in the primary, John Carroll. How can you stand in front of construction industry business owners and tell them they have to pay 25 to 30% more for materials because of the archaic Jones Act?”

Carroll further pointed out that Lingle’s lunge to the left was punctuated by her endorsement of President Obama’s pro-Jones Act position.

“She is no longer even running as a Republican ,” stated Carroll.

Carroll said that the Jones Act is a relic of the 1920’s, and that Mrs. Lingle speech supporting it touted equally old and irrelevant arguments. Carroll said that the Jones Act today simply maintains the virtual monopoly on shipping serving Hawaii, forcing up everyone’s cost of living by as much as 30%. He also said that it also cripples Hawaii’s economy because of its protectionist mandate. By refusing to allow free trade to Hawaii we are doomed to a non-competitive, stagnant economy because of cost of materials and shipping.

Carroll shot down Lingle’s argument about national security. He said the Department of Defense doesn’t even limit itself to domestic hulls when it deploys troops because of the exorbitant costs.

“This has nothing to do with national defense as it might have back in the 1930’s.” said Carroll. “Now it’s about paying off unions and protecting vested interests of the shipping monopolies that have a strangle hold on Hawaii.”

He took exception to Lingle’s statement that she would “study” the problem if elected.

“Lingle has eight years as governor to study the problem,” said Carroll. “We don’t need more studies we need this law repealed or an exemption for Hawaii.”

Carroll added, “Linda had an opportunity to do something about this damaging law, and instead took money from A&B and Matson…and helped hold it in place. Lingle already sold out the Republican Party and now she’s sold out every single resident of the State.”

Read more about John Carroll’s position on the Jones Act:

Why Lingle Defends the Jones Act

Linda Lingle continues to defend the Jones Act.  This old maritime law protects the shipping monopoly enjoyed by the select few who can service Hawaii, like Matson and (until very recently) their parent company Alexander & Baldwin. These archaic restrictions raise the costs of all imported items such as food and raw materials and Hawaii’s cost of living by as much as 30% or more.  Look no further than the public campaign contribution reports to understand why Linda Lingle, during her eight years as Governor,  would steadfastly protect such an unfair monopoly preying on Hawaii’s people.


“When it comes to backing gubernatorial candidates, according to recent filings, Alexander & Baldwin Inc. executives are for Linda Lingle.”

                                                                                   Pacific Business News, August 12, 2001


This brings to mind the old saw: “You dance with them that brung ya.” It also should tend to remind the voters that large campaign war chests come at a price, and that price is paid by the residents of Hawaii when their elected officials bow to their corporate patrons and ignore the negative impact to their constituents.

Jonesing For Economic Recovery

With Hawaii hosting APEC, talk about the value of free trade among Pacific nations has hit our local media. There is, however, no mention of the restrictive trade laws, like the Jones Act, that severely limit international shipping.

Foreign-flagged vessels cannot freely engage in international commerce in Hawaii, and our ability to export and the exorbitant costs of our imports are controlled by a tightly held local company.

If Horizon fails, there will be only Matson and its parent company, Alexander & Baldwin, holding a nearly total monopoly. Pasha will still be operating on its limited basis.

The cost of living in Hawaii is much higher than anywhere else in the United States. Because of our isolation and unique dependency on shipping that is controlled by a monopoly, the cost of living will only get worse.

Hawaii’s political elite can talk all they want about free trade, but as long as they take campaign contributions from those that control it now, there won’t be any competition any time soon.

Carroll Releases White Paper on Economic Fixes for Hawaii

Honolulu, November 12, 2011 – In his just-released white paper report entitled HAWAII’S POTENTIAL FOR OPEN PORTS AND FREE TRADE IN HAWAII, Adopting Singapore’s Economic Model, John Carroll, a candidate for the U.S. Senate, lays out a bold plan for removing shipping restrictions that stifle free trade for Hawaii.

Hawaii has long suffered from restrictive and antiquated maritime laws that limit shipping and prevent foreign flagged vessels from competing. This lack of competitive shipping has curtailed the development of our agricultural industries as well as having driven up the cost of living for every Hawaii resident.

Carroll says the removal of specific laws, like the Jones Act and ensuring compliance with the Commerce Clause are critical if Hawaii is going to enjoy economic prosperity.

If what is offered here becomes reality, I will rest in peace knowing that a wonderful future will be available for all Hawaii’s children to come including my eight great grandchildren. I have worked for over forty years to get these onerous restrictions eliminated, “ said Carroll.

Carroll would also like to thanks those that helped him prepare this white paper report: Keith Rollman, Cormick Barnes, Ingrid Johnson, Sierra Payne and Moe Sy and their mentor Ken Schoolland for their contributions and support.


Attachment: (PDF) HAWAII’S POTENTIAL FOR OPEN PORTS AND FREE TRADE, Adopting Singapore’s Economic Mode

Carroll Team Seeks ‘Jones Act’ Solutions

Carroll Forms Team To Take On Jones Act

Honolulu, October 4, 2011–John Carroll met with his research team that will be helping him prepare a white paper on the impact of the archaic Jones Act on Hawaii’s economy.  This little discussed law, left over from the 1930’s, put restrictions on interstate shipping, and essentially denies foreign-flagged vessels free-trade access to American ports.  Hawaii has suffered disproportionately as a result, with shipping costs kept artificially high and export options drastically reduced.  The effect of the Jones Act has been to drive up Hawaii’s cost of living by limiting (to almost a monopoly) all import shipping.  What we not-so-affectionately refer to as the “Matson Tax,” unfairly adds approximately 30% to the cost of all daily essentials.

For example, Hawaii now imports about 85% of  its food.  A gallon of fresh milk, if you can find it, costs around $8 a gallon, about $5 more than in Seattle.  This situation is made worse by the fact that Hawaii’s local food production is also negatively impacted by the Jones Act.  Foreign vessels who deliver product to Hawaii must return empty instead of carrying Hawaiian agricultural product back to their home ports.  This has virtually eliminated one of Hawaii’s best markets for agricultural products and made farming and ranchingin the Islands an unprofitable and risky undertaking.

The Jones Act literally hurts Hawaii coming and going.

Carroll’s group of HPU students and young professionals will be analyzing the economic impact of the Jones Act on Hawaii, and establish the actual costs to individuals living in Hawaii.  They will also be comparing more open trade ports like Singapore and Hong Kong, and projecting the economic impact on Hawaii by adopting a more open trade policy,

Because Hawaii is unique in its geographic isolation from the other U.S. States, it suffers disproportionate economic damage because of the Jones Act.  John Carroll will be seeking a strategy to gain an exemption for Hawaii that could lead to a major improvement in our local economy and reduction in our cost of living.

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