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Republicans Gather for Lincoln Day Dinner

John Carroll joins other noteable Island Republicans on stage.

This year’s Lincoln Day Dinner was well attended with over 750 guests at the Hilton Coral Ballroom.  The attendees were treated to a video featuring prominent Hawaii Republicans over the years.  There were several interesting interviews and insights delivered by political veterans like Andrew Poepoe and Fred Rolfing. Hawaii’s two-term U.S. Congresswoman, Patricia Saiki, served as mistress of ceremonies for much of the evening.

The highlight of the evening was when all attendees under forty were asked to stand…they represented almost half of the audience. This is a terrific sign for the health and future of Hawaii’s Republicans.

Lingle’s Bi-Partisan Message Hits a Sour Note

A beaming, "bi-partisan" Lingle pledges support to Obama's "Plan."

At a time when the U.S. Constitution is under attack, International policy is in disarray and Federal deficits spiral out of control…Linda Lingle wants to compromise with Liberals.  Bi-partisan cooperation may sound like a nice “touchy-feely” message to float out to a predominantly Democrat audience in Hawaii’s general election, but sounds like simple appeasement to Hawaii’s Republicans.  Lingle’s current television commercial chirps about her being “pledged to support President Obama’s plan.”  How exactly  is that supposed to sound to Republicans who want President Obama voted out of office, NOT cooperated with?


Lingle has charged Republican stalwarts who contested the questionable election of her former DBEDT Director, Ted Liu, to be the new Republican National Committeeman, with trying to split the party.  Many have charged Lingle with simply taking over the Party to use as her campaign organization and “cheating” to fix the Liu election (who won by one vote over Willis Lee after illegal proxies tallied in the back room.)


Star-Advertiser Excerpts (2/16/12):

“Several Republicans have challenged a close vote in January to elect Ted Liu, the former director of the state Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism, over Willes Lee, a former party chairman. The challenges allege that the party improperly allowed proxy voting, among other things.”

“But the deeper issue is the private resentment among several Republicans to what they see as an effort by former Gov. Linda Lingle and her allies to control all aspects of the minority party.”

Blog comentors chimed in on the story:

“Lingle has historically used the Republican Party as her own personal campaign organization. The questionable, possibly fraudulent, vote to elect her old DBEDT head as the National Committeeman is par for the course. To push back on people who are just trying to keep things fair as trying to “split the party,” is insulting. The real split is between actual Republicans and Lingleites.”

“The Lingle group wants to avoid an open conflict with the dissident groups: the “movement conservatives around Sam Slom and the Grassroot Institute, the religious conservatives and the Ron Paul supporters. But neither are they willing to share power with them, even if it means, to put it indelicately, cheating.”

“In addition to the back room shenanigans, Lingle’s camp is also asking Republicans to “look the other way” on: her pro-choice stand, anti-school voucher position, promotion of the Akaka Bill, abandonment of the Taxpayer’s Protection Pledge, and enabling of the rail tax. It’s starting to add up to a lot to have to overlook.”

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