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Christmas Carroll

John Carroll, as Santa Claus, with elf and kids.

It was my great privilage to impersonate Santa Claus for kids at Kapiolani Women’s and Children’s Hospital for my second year. The kids didn’t seem to mind my missing black boots and somewhat lopsided fake beard. My daughter, Sanae, arranged the event for her heart patient kids, but it was I who clearly enjoyed it the most.

My daughter was herself a patient at Kapiolani after her premature birth 28 years ago. It was months before we were able to take her home and we spent many long hours with her as she tenaciously clung to life. I emerged from the ordeal solidly pro-life, and deeply committed to everything that means.

Christmas time is the season for family. We all need to celebrate our core values with loved ones and give thanks for the blessings that we are given in this lifetime.

Merry Christmas to all, and a Happy New Year!

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