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Carroll Addresses Smart Business Conference

Carroll being interviewed by Malia Zimmerman of

Last week John Carroll spoke to Sam Slom’s annual Smart Business Conference.  All four major candidates for the United States Senate race were invited to debate their qualifications, but only John Carroll and Ed Case took the time to attend.

Carroll considered bringing a pumpkin along to set on the podium to represent his elusive opponent, Linda Lingle, in the Republican primary.  Lingle has refused to debate or appear in any joint appearances with Carroll, and has refused to answer any specific questions directed toward her so far during this campaign.

Carroll identified several key issues that differentiate him from his rival Lingle.

      1. 1. Carroll is pro-life, Lingle is pro-choice. This puts her in direct opposition to the tens of thousands of individuals in Christian organizations who alone could dominate the election.
      2. Carroll has signed the Taxpayer’s Protection Pledge to not raise taxes. Lingle has refused. She signed it several years ago, but reneged and allowed the large rail tax surcharge to become law. Many in Hawaii’s small business community side with John against tax increases for rail.
      3. Another pro-small business (and cost of living) issue which Carroll is closely associated with is the elimination of the Jones Act, an archaic protectionist trade law that protects monopoly shipping in Hawaii and drives cost up for everyone. Lingle took no action to oppose this law during her 8 years as governor.
      4. Carroll has a strong gun owners rights position and has served as the HRA’s legal counsel for many years. Lingle has been hesitant on ‘right to carry,’ an issue important to many second amendment advocates.
      5. Carroll is opposed to the Akaka Bill, while Lingle openly advocated in favor of it. This provides for more governmental bureaucracy, race-based exclusionary policies and other regressive social policies. It is openly opposed by most conservatives.
      6. Carroll has agreed to debate, Lingle has refused any joint appearances and is basically taking the Republican nomination for granted.
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