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  1. Connie Wiezorek #

    On Oct 22,2011, I had the pleasure of having John Carroll as my pilot on my first gliding experience. It was the most exciting day of my life. I had purchased a 20 minute flight. All to soon the flight ended. Mr. Carroll then surprised me by telling me that we had only flown 15 minutes because of the lack of winds. Then he told me to hang on because he was going to make sure I got my last 5 minutes I had purchased. I hadn’t realized I had missed out on that 5 minutes. So, up again we went It made me realize what an honest man he is, making sure I got what I paid for. Citizens of Hawaii, he is what you need, he will give you what you are entitled.

    October 24, 2011
  2. Titus Bontea #

    First, the legal disclosure. I am a long time friend of John Carroll. Regardless, I’ll not give him a free pass on something as important as the US senate race. With that in mind I decided to take a good look at ALL the competition across party lines. This are my findings so far. (please check for your self, don’t take my word for it.

    Linda Lingle on her announcement to run pointed out on the grid lock in Washington and thought long and hard how she can help. She did not articulate HOW but mentioned her experience… whatever that means.

    Mazie Hirono, was criticized of the fact that a random sample of her constituency did not point out to a single accomplishment during her time as a congress representative.

    Ed Case, nicely polished announcement absolutely void of any substance. No personal leadership. Just lots of what WE can do together.

    Last but not least John Carroll.
    Concrete solutions to the ECONOMY. None of WE can do it together hog wash.

    Of course for those of you who stumbled upon this site I included the links to all the candidates.
    Please judge for yourself.

    Titus Bontea

    December 2, 2011
  3. Titus Bontea #

    I have recently attended a “lets talk story” with Mazie Hirono and I asked her why she sponsored the “audit the “federal” reserve bill WITH Ron Paul only to vote against the bill when it came to the floor. I did not get an answer. I wrote to her month ago, still no answer. I can only guess that when there is a popular issue a dishonest politician would sponsor it and publicize it and when no one is looking goes back to the lobbyists.

    January 25, 2012

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