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Why Lingle Defends the Jones Act

Linda Lingle continues to defend the Jones Act.  This old maritime law protects the shipping monopoly enjoyed by the select few who can service Hawaii, like Matson and (until very recently) their parent company Alexander & Baldwin. These archaic restrictions raise the costs of all imported items such as food and raw materials and Hawaii’s cost of living by as much as 30% or more.  Look no further than the public campaign contribution reports to understand why Linda Lingle, during her eight years as Governor,  would steadfastly protect such an unfair monopoly preying on Hawaii’s people.


“When it comes to backing gubernatorial candidates, according to recent filings, Alexander & Baldwin Inc. executives are for Linda Lingle.”

                                                                                   Pacific Business News, August 12, 2001


This brings to mind the old saw: “You dance with them that brung ya.” It also should tend to remind the voters that large campaign war chests come at a price, and that price is paid by the residents of Hawaii when their elected officials bow to their corporate patrons and ignore the negative impact to their constituents.

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