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We’ll Take Our “Friends” Over Lingle’s “Likes”

Carroll: An open, friendly two-way conversation.

The Lingle campaign was crowing this morning about its Social Media campaign and the fact that they have over 1000 “likes” from “Hawaii and on the mainland.” That’s nice, but hardly indicates that their message of “Making the Issues the Heart of the Matter,” is catching on fire. Her competitor in the Republican primary, John Carroll, also has well over 1000 “Friends” on Facebook. This August we’ll see whether John’s “Friends” out-vote Linda’s “Likes.”

There are some interesting differences between how the two candidates present themselves on social media:

1. Facts vs Fluff. When John Carroll discusses how to fix Hawaii’s economy, he presents a well thought-out white paper document on why we need to get rid of the Jones Act, the single biggest impediment to growing Hawaii’s economy. Lingle makes a video and says her solution is to “restore

Lingle: If you "like" me you will fill out and submit this form.

confidence in government.” That’s it? What does that even mean?

2. John welcomes dialog. Lingle says that “Issues are the Heart of the Matter,” but refuses to debate. You can write comments and engage the candidate on John Carroll’s Facebook Pages and Website. On Lingle’s it is only she who speaks…you get to listen.

3. People first, or ME first? John’s approach is open, friendly and personal. Lingle, like any long-time bureaucrat, insists that you fill out a long boring form. The internet is supposed to be interactive not indoctrination. The first thing Lingle offers you is a pledge to vote for her, no matter what…shouldn’t we discuss the issues first?  Aren’t they the “Heart of the Matter?”

The difference is truly striking: John proposes a conversation to find out what you want; Lingle jumps right into “how she can USE you,” to get what she wants.

If Lingle truly believes that issues matter, she should publicly debate John Carroll and defend her positions. Instead she chooses to hide behind a one-way stream of one-sided messaging, bought and paid for primarily by mainland special interests.

If you want to respresent Hawaii’s people, Linda, you need to talk with them, not at them…or, they might stop “liking” you.

Hawaii Friends of the NRA Banquet

Willis Lee, Audy Kimura and John Carroll at the annual Friends of NRA Banquet at the Kaneohe Marine Corps Officers Club.

John Carroll has been an consistent supporter of the National Rifle Association and has acted as pro bono legal counsel to the Hawaii Rifle Association since the sixties.  A staunch advocate for Second Amendment rights, John, has also represented, at no cost, the rights of individual hunters on several islands.

An avid hunter and gun owner himself, John understands the issues important to all gun owners, from competition shooters to pig hunters. As a member of Hawaii’s State House of Representatives and later as a State Senator, Carroll blocked all gun control legislation that was proposed during his ten-year tenure in the Capitol. John believes the Second Amendment is clearly defined and not subject to interpretation by those who would alter its intent.

Carroll Team Seeks ‘Jones Act’ Solutions

John Participates in Honolulu Century Bike Ride

An avid cyclist, John (shown here with "Big Mike" Palcic) in this weekend's Century Ride.

Carroll Set To Announce

John Carroll To Make Announcement Regarding His Candidacy
Wednesday, September 21, 2011, 2:00 pm
Republican Party Headquarters, 725 Kapiolani Blvd. #C-105
Media Contact: Keith Rollman, (808) 358-3414,
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