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Lingle Flip Flops on Rail?

“Lingle’s views on rail have changed over the years. As governor in 2003, she proposed a light rail transit system and an elevated highway to ease west side traffic congestion. In her State of the State address in 2005, she said she was a supporter of mass transit on Oahu and offered to work with then-Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann on a solution. Later that summer, she let a bill authorizing the City Council to add a general-excise tax surcharge for rail become law without her signature.”

“John Carroll, Lingle’s opponent in the Republican primary, strongly opposes the rail project. The attorney and former stage lawmaker said the project is too expensive for Honolulu and its scale and design inappropriate for Hawaii.”

“Carroll said Lingle reneged on her 2002 pledge to Americans for Tax Reform not to raise taxes as governor when she let the authorization for the rail surcharge become law without her signature.”

Honolulu StarAdvertiser 2/26/12

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